Knowledge Superiority

Command and control (C2) involves much, much more than the network and other technological systems that carry data and information: although such systems are important, the people and organizations that utilize them are key to effective and mature C2, particularly where agility is important. The Knowledge Superiority Certificate Program focuses on people and organizations in the context of C2, emphasizing in particular how dynamic knowledge can be harnessed to support and sustain competitive advantage. Program completion enables C2 leaders, practitioners and policy makers to integrate people, processes and organizations with technologies and to attain a higher level of C2 design, execution and performance. It also enables knowledge managers to affect both small- and large-scale organization innovation through C2.

The Knowledge Superiority Certificate Program, offered through the US Naval Postgraduate School, involves four, graduate-education courses that carry credit acceptable at other accredited universities, and such courses are all offered asynchronously (e.g., web-based, interactive, practical), with the busy, full-time professional in mind. The two core courses below are both principles-based with practical applications, and they detail interrelations between the dynamics of personal and organizational knowledge, action, performance and competitive advantage: the intermediate-level course (IS3210) starts with knowledge and works through to the kinds of competitive advantage that can be achieved and sustained; the advanced course (IS4210) starts at a higher level with competitive advantage and works through to the dynamics of knowledge required to support the corresponding strategy.

Core courses: