International C2 Journal:

Vol 1, No 1


Table of Contents
Special Issue: "The Future of C2"

Agility, Focus, and Convergence: The Future of Command and Control
David S. Alberts (OASD-NII, USA)
[posted April 3, 2007]

Modelling Human Decision-Making in Simulation Models of Conflict
James Moffat (Senior Fellow, Dstl, UK)
[posted April 12, 2007]

Enterprise Command, Control, and Design:
Bridging C2 Practice and CT Research

Mark E. Nissen (Naval Postgraduate School, USA)
[posted May 14, 2007]

Effects of Individual and Team Characteristics
on the Performance of Small Networked Teams

Reiner K. Huber, Petra M. Eggenhofer, Jens Römer, Sebastian Schäfer, Klaus Titze (Institute of Technology of Intelligent Systems (ITIS) Universität der Bundeswehr München, GER)
[posted May 15, 2007]

It's an Endeavor, Not a Force
Richard E. Hayes (Evidence Based Research, USA)
[posted June 7, 2007]

Agile Networking in Command and Control
Peter Essens, Mink Spaans, and Willem Treurniet
(TNO Defence, Security and Safety, NED)
[posted June 7, 2007]

Understanding the Functions of C2 Is the Key to Progress
Berndt Brehmer (Swedish National Defence College, SWE)
[posted November 5, 2007]