International C2 Journal:

Vol 1, No 2


Table of Contents
Special Issue: "Decision Support for Network-Centric Command and Control"

Guest Editor's Introductory Remarks
Sandeep Mulgund (The MITRE Corporation, USA)
[posted October 2, 2007]

Automation Architecture for Single Operator, Multiple UAV
Command and Control

M.L. Cummings, S. Bruni, S. Mercier, and P.J. Mitchell
[posted October 2, 2007]

Custom Work Aids for Distributed Command and Control Teams:
A Key to Enabling Highly Effective Teams

Samuel R. Kuper (Air Force Research Laboratory, USA)
Beth L. Giurelli (Giurelli Consulting LLC, USA)
[posted October 3, 2007]

Adaptive Automation for Human-Robot Teaming
in Future Command and Control Systems

Raja Parasuraman (George Mason University, USA)
Michael Barnes (Army Research Laboratory, USA)
Keryl Cosenzo (Army Research Laboratory, USA)
[posted October 9, 2007]

Improving Planning and Replanning:
Using a Formal Grammar to Automate Processing of
Command and Control Information for Decision Support

Ulrich Schade (FGAN-FKIE, Germany)
Michael R. Hieb (George Mason University, USA)
[posted October 12, 2007]