International C2 Journal:

Vol 2, No 1


Special Issue: "Awareness"

Guest Editor's Introductory Remarks
Geoff Hone (Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, UK)
[posted October 16, 2008]

Tightly Coupling Cognition: Understanding How Communication
and Awareness Drive Coordination in Teams

Michael A. Rosen, Stephen M. Fiore, Eduardo Salas
(University of Central Florida, USA)
Michael Letsky (Office of Naval Research, USA)
Norman Warner (NAVAIR, USA)
[posted Oct. 16, 2008]

Awareness in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations
Jill L. Drury (The MITRE Corporation, USA)
Stacey D. Scott (University of Waterloo, Canada)

[posted Oct. 1, 2008]