International C2 Journal:

Vol 3, No 2


Measuring Dimensions of Command and Control
Using Social Network Analysis: Extending the NATO SAS-050 Model

Dr. Guy H. Walker (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
Prof. Neville A. Stanton, Kirsten Revell, and Laura Rafferty
(University of Southampton, UK)
Dr. Paul Salmon (Monash University, Australia)
Dr. Dan Jenkins (Sociotechnic Systems, UK)
[posted Aug. 18, 2009]

An Extended Enterprise Architecture for a Network-Enabled, Effects-Based Approach for National Park Protection—Transitioning Military Paradigms
Tod M. Schuck (Lockheed Martin, USA; Stevens Institute of Technology School of Systems and Enterprises, USA)
[posted Aug. 24, 2009]

From Clansman to Bowman: HFI Principles for NEC System Design
Dr. Guy H. Walker (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
Prof. Neville A. Stanton (University of Southampton, UK)
Dr. Dan Jenkins (Sociotechnic Systems, UK)
Paul Salmon (Monash University, Australia)
[posted Sept. 3, 2009]

Exploring Alternative Edge versus Hierarchy C2 Organizations
Using the ELICIT Platform with Configurable Chat System

Dr./LTC Peter Thunholm (National Defence College, SE)
Mr. Ng, Ee Chong (DSO National Laboratories, SG)
LTC (NS) Mervyn Cheah (Singapore Technologies Electronics, SG)
Mr. Tan, Kin Yong and Ms. Nency Chua (Future Systems Directorate, SG)
Mr. Chua, Ching Lian (Defence Science and Technology Agency, SG)
[posted Nov. 5, 2009]

Toward Harmonizing Command and Control
with Organization and Management Theory

David S. Alberts (OASD-NII – DoD CIO, USA)
Mark E. Nissen (US Naval Postgraduate School, USA)
[posted Nov. 5, 2009]