International C2 Journal:

Vol 4, No 2

Moving the Limits of Military Experience
Ole Øren (Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization/CIS, NOR)
[posted: Oct. 24, 2011]

Some Non-Technical Limitations on NEC/NCO Concepts
Michael K. Lauren (Defence Technology Agency, New Zealand Defence Force, NZL)
[posted: Oct. 12, 2011]

Cyberspace: The Ultimate Complex Adaptive System
Dr. Paul W. Phister Jr. (AF Research Laboratory, USA)
[posted: Apr. 5, 2011]

Requirements for Autonomous Unmanned Air Systems set by Legal Issues
Tony Gillespie and Robin West (Defence Science & Technology Laboratory [Dstl], UK)
[posted Dec. 14, 2010]

Knowledge Sharing as a Contingency in the Design
of Counterterrorism Organizations

Mark E. Nissen and Tara A. Leweling (US Naval Postgraduate School, USA)
[posted Jan. 22, 2010]