International C2 Journal:

Vol 4, No 3

Special Issue: "Interagency Experimentation"

Guest Editor's Introductory Remarks
R. Douglas Flournoy (The MITRE Corporation, USA)
[posted Nov. 17, 2010]

Composing Effective Environments for Concept Exploration
in a Multi-Agency Context

Helen Mitchard and Simon Ng (Defence Science and Technology Organisation, AUS)
[posted Apr. 20, 2011]

Models in Multi-Agency C2 Experiment Lifecycles:
The Collaborative Experimentation Environment as a Case Study

Anthony J. Bigbee, Jonathan A. Curtiss, Laurie S. Litwin, and Michael T. Harkin
(The MITRE Corporation, USA)
[posted Mar. 29, 2010]

Testbed for Tactical Networking and Collaboration
Dr. Alex Bordetsky and Dr. David Netzer (Naval Postgraduate School, USA)
[posted Apr. 16, 2010]

Whole-of-Government Planning and Wargaming of Complex International Operations: Experimental Evaluation of Methods and Tools
Alexander Kott and Jeff Hansberger (Army Research Laboratory, USA)
Edward Waltz (BAE Systems, USA)
Peter Corpac (Science and Technology Associates, USA)
[posted Mar. 29, 2010]

Using Response Surface Methodology as an Approach
to Understand and Optimize Operational Air Power

Marvin L. Simpson, Jr. (OPTECH Inc., USA)
Resit Unal (Old Dominion University, USA)
[posted Aug. 2, 2010]

Ergonomic Challenges for Digitization:
Learning from Analog Mission Planning Processes

Prof. Neville A. Stanton, Kirsten Revell, and Laura A. Rafferty
(University of Southampton, UK)
Dr. Guy H. Walker (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
Dr. Paul M. Salmon (Monash University, AU)
Dr. Daniel P. Jenkins (Sociotechnic Solutions Limited, UK)
[posted Sept. 30, 2010]