1. C2 Concepts,
    Theory, and Policy
  2. Networks and Networking
  3. Information Sharing
    and Collaboration
    Processes and Behaviors
  4. Collective Endeavors
  5. Experimentation
    and Analysis
  6. Modeling and Simulation
  7. C2 Approaches
    and Organization
  8. C2 Assessment Tools
    and Metrics
  9. C2 Architectures
    and Technologies
  10. Collaborative Technologies
    for Network-Centric Operations

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Plenary Presentations

Day 1

7:00–8:00 Welcome and Administrative Remarks
  Dr. David S. Alberts, Director of Research, OASD (NII)
8:30–9:30 GIG 2.0: Today's Path to Tomorrow's Warfighter
  Vice Admiral Nancy Elizabeth Brown, Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (J6), The Joint Staff
  presentation [1.15 MB]
9:30–10:30 Star Tides Presentation
  Dr. Linton Wells, II, Distinguished Research Fellow, Force Transformation Chair, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University
  presentation [715 KB]
11:00–12:00 Pandemic Flu: Considering the Role of a National Sustainable Security Infrastructure and the U.S. Resilience System
  Michael D. McDonald, Dr.P.H., President, Global Health Initiatives, Inc., Coordinator, Global Resilience System, Principal Investigator, Disaster Knowledge Management System, Resilience Networks
  presentation [2.27 MB]

Day 2

8:00–8:30 Day 1 Review: Participants’ Reflections and Comments
8:30–9:30 NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC) C2 Maturity Model
  NATO SAS-065 Senior Members
  presentation [1.6 MB]
9:30–10:30 C2, Now and in the Future: An Opportunity for Scientists
  Colonel Geerlof Kanis, Director, C2 Centre of Excellence, Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands
  presentation [38.1 MB]
11:00–12:00 Delivering Enhanced Battlefield Command and Control at the U.S. Army
  General Peter W. Chiarelli, Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army

Day 3

8:00–8:30 Day 2 Review: Participants’ Reflections and Comments
8:30–9:15 Seeking the Net-Enabled Environment for Command and Control
  Major General William M. Rajczak, USAF, Director, U.S. Joint Forces Command Joint Reserve Directorate/Deputy Director, Joint Capability Development Directorate
  presentation [732 KB]
9:15–10:00 ELICIT Update
  ELICIT Panel Members
  presentation [451 KB]
10:00–10:30 OSD 2009 Network Science Excellence Award Presentation
  Command and Control: The ELICIT Experiment
  2LT Joshua A. Lospinoso, United States Military Academy
  presentation [841 KB]
11:00–11:15 14th ICCRTS Best Paper Award Presentation
11:15–12:00 13th ICCRTS Gary F. Wheatley Best Paper Presentation
  Exploring Alternative Edge versus Hierarchy C2 Organizations
Using the ELICIT Platform with Configurable Chat System
  Ee Chong Ng, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore
  presentation [261 KB]