The Director of the Department of Defense Command & Control Research Program (DoD CCRP) welcomes you to the 2002 Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium. Sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (ASD/C3I). Hosted this year by the Naval Postgraduate School, the 2002 CCRTS is the direct product of initiatives developed under the Office of Naval Research and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology over twenty years ago.

The theme for the 2002 Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium is "C2 Transformation Through Experimentation." The topics that stimulated innovative thinking represented by this year’s papers include C4ISR and Space, C2 Experimentation, Network-Centric Applications, Modeling & Simulation, C2 Decision Making & Cognitive Analysis, C2 Assessment Tools & Metrics, Coalition Interoperability, Information Operations, and IT Supporting DoD Business Processes. Conference attendees and participants are invited to explore these and other C2 related topics within the context of our theme. We believe that the professional and technical papers presented here address these issues head-on and make a substantial contribution to both the state of the art and the state of the practice of command and control.

To enable the broadest range of expert opinions and views, senior members of the government, military, commercial and academic C2 research communities are here to share their vision, insights, and concerns. By synthesizing the expertise of these communities, the CCRP hopes to gain significant insights into the operational, developmental, and technical aspects of command and control systems.

The presentations once again are being published prior to the start of the Symposium to help attendees make the difficult choice of which sessions to attend and to aid in their preparation to engage the presenters in meaningful dialogue. We are looking forward to the presentations and hope you will take an active part in making the Symposium a successful endeavor.

We also hope that you will consider participating in the 7th International Command & Control Research & Technology Symposium, "Enabling Synchronized Operations," scheduled September 16-20, 2002 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.