International C2 Journal:

Vol 2, No 2


Special Issue: "Representing Human Decision Making
in Constructive Simulations for Analysis"

Guest Editor's Introductory Remarks
James Moffat (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK)
[posted October 27, 2008]

A Multiagent System for Tactical Control of Automated Forces
Robert H. Kewley, Jr. (USMA Department of Systems Engineering, USA)
Mark J. Embrechts (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
[posted Oct. 02, 2008]

The Impact of Heterogeneity on Operator Performance
in Future Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Carl Nehme, Brian Mekdeci, Jacob W. Crandall, M. L. Cummings
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
[posted Nov. 17, 2008]

A View of the Combat CAS: Unifying Net-Enabled Teams
Dr. Paul J. Hiniker (DISA NECC Program, USA)
[posted Nov. 17, 2008]

A Minimum Spanning Tree Approach to Identifying
Collective Behaviour and Inferring Intent for Combat Models

Aleem Hossain, Dr. Nick Walmsley, Paul Pearce (Dstl, UK)
[posted Sept. 26, 2008]

Modeling the Complexity of Combat in the Context of C2
K.B. Sprague, P. Dobias (Defence Research & Development Canada, Canada)
[posted Oct. 09, 2008]

Representing a Combat ID Analysis Tool
within an Agent Based Constructive Simulation
David Dean, Alasdair Vincent, Beejal Mistry, Aleem Hossain (Dstl, UK)
Mink Spaans, Peter Petiet (TNO, NL)
[posted Dec. 08, 2008]