International C2 Journal:

Vol 4, No 1

Special Issue: "Agility and Interoperability for 21st Century Command and Control"

Guest Editor's Introductory Remarks
Sandeep Mulgund (The MITRE Corporation, USA)
[posted Mar. 30, 2010]

Agile Sense-Making in the Battlespace
William Mitchell (Royal Danish Defence College, DK)
[posted Aug. 25, 2010]

Semantic Service Discovery for Interoperability in Tactical Military Networks
Frank T. Johnsen, Marianne Rustad, Trude Hafsøe, and Anders Eggen
(Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, NO)
[posted Feb. 3, 2010]

A Behavioral Model of Team Sensemaking
Ellen Powers, Frank Stech, and Kevin Burns (The MITRE Corporation, USA)
[posted Jan. 22, 2010]

Implications of Operationalizing a Comprehensive Approach:
Defining What Interagency Interoperability Really Means

Andrew P. Williams (NATO HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, NATO)
[posted Jan. 22, 2010]

Formalization and Agility in Military Headquarters Planning
Alexander Kalloniatis and Iain Macleod (Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia)
[posted Feb. 3, 2010]

Tactical Agent Model Requirements for M&S-based ITC2 Assessments
Jim Davidson and Alex Pogel (New Mexico State University, USA)
[posted March 16, 2010]