Track Chair: Mark R. Sinclair
Veridian Corporation

Track Co-Chair: Gerald S. Malecki, P.Eng.
Office of Naval Research

Day One:

A Framework for Understanding Cultural Diversity in Cognition and Teamwork
Janet L. Sutton, PhD, Army Research Laboratory
Linda G. Pierce, PhD, Army Research Laboratory

A Quantum Approach to Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), Organizations, and Control
W.F. Lawless, Paine College

The Language Translation Interface and Automated Language Translation Tools for the ADO
Dominique Estival, Defence Science & Technology Organisation
Jennifer Biggs, Defence Science & Technology Organisation

Oranisational Interoperability: Evaluation and Further Development of the OIM Model
Suzanne Fewell, Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Thea Clark, Defence Science and Technology

Value-Based Force Structure Design
John O'Neill, DSTO Fern Hill
Fergus O'Brien, Software Engineering Research Centre
Ed Kruzins, DSTO Fern Hill

Agile Command and Control Exploration Using Historic Case Study Methodology
Steven M. Beres, Evidence Based Research, Inc.
Eric J. Cochrane, Evidence Based Research, Inc.

Multinational C2 Experiments Supported by C2 Systems and Modeling and Simulations Addressing Army Transformation of Collaborative Planning and Interoperable Execution in a Coalition Environment
Dr. Israel Mayk, US Army CERDEC C2D
Dr. Dirk Klose, US Army CERDEC C2D

Day Two:

A Theory of Interoperability Failures
Michael S. McBeth, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

A Pragmatic C4ISR Approach From the US Army CECOM Security Assistance Perspective
William E. Skidmore, Sr., The Mitre Corporation
Daniel Klingenburg, CECOM

Supporting the Coalition Agents eXperiment (CoAX) through the Technology Integration Experiment (TIE) Process
Ranjeev Mittu, Naval Research Laboratory
Frank Segaria, Naval Research Laboratory
Suleyman Guleyupoglu, Naval Research Laboratory
K. Suzanne Barber, University of Texas at Austin
Tom Graser, University of Texas at Austin
Robert Ross, University of Maryland

Beyond Technical Interoperability - Introducing a Reference Model for Measures of Merit for Coalition Interoperability
Andreas Tolk, PhD, Old Dominion University