Track Chair: Paul W. Phister, Jr., P.E.

Day Two:

A Rationale for Establishing Survivability Requirements for Objective Force Unmanned Army Platforms and Systems
Robert A. Pfeffer, USANCA

Object Location In a Multiply Reflective Environment
Brendan C. Walker, University of Washington
Hermann Chong, University of Washington
Tony Woo, University of Washington

A Sufficient Comparison of Trackers
David Bizup, University of Virginia
Donald E. Brown, University of Virginia

Swarm Intelligence: A New C2 Paradigm with an Application to Control of Swarms of UAVs
Paolo Gaudiano, Icosystem Corporation
Benjamin Shargel, Icosystem Corporation
Eric Bonabeau, Icosystem Corporation
Bruce T. Clough, Air Force Research Laboratory

Day Three:

A Nuclear Plume Detection and Tracking Model for the Advanced Airbornne Early Warning Surveillance Aircraft
Dr. Buddy H Jeun, Lockheed Martin Aeronautical System
John Younker, Lockheed Martin Aeronautical System
Chih-Chen Hung, Southern Polytechnic State University

Impact of High Resolution Terrain Data on C2 Decision Making
Dr. Nicholas Smith, QinetiQ

Decision Support and Visualization in a Space Situational Awareness C2 Application
Stuart Aldridge, 21st Century Systems, Inc.
Dr. Alexander Stoyen, 21st Century Systems, Inc.
Jeffrey Hicks, 21st Century Systems, Inc.
Dr. Plamen Petrov, 21st Century Systems, Inc.

Communications Architecture Recommendation to Enable Joint Vision 2020
LCDR R. Bronson Armstrong, USN

Joint Synthetic Battlespace: Cornerstone for Predictive Battlespace Awareness
Dr. Paul W. Phister, Jr., Air Force Laboratory/Information Directorate
Dr. Timothy Busch, Air Force Laboratory/Information Directorate
Igor G. Plonisch, Air Force Laboratory/Information Directorate