About: the program

About the program

The Command and Control Research Program (CCRP) within the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) focuses upon (1) improving both the state of the art and the state of the practice of command and control and (2) enhancing DoD's understanding of the national security implications of the Information Age. It provides "Out of the Box" thinking and explores ways to help DoD take full advantage of Information Age opportunities. The CCRP bridges the operational and technical communities and enhances the body of knowledge and research infrastructure needed for future progress.

NCWThe CCRP pursues a broad program of research and analysis in command and control (C2) theory, doctrine, applications, systems, the implications of emerging technology, and C2 experimentation. It also develops new concepts for C2 in joint, combined, and coalition operations in the context of both traditional and non-traditional missions (OOTW). Additionally, the CCRP supports professional military education in the areas of C2, Information Superiority, network-centric operations, and related technologies.

To complement its own program of research, the CCRP provides a clearinghouse and archive for other C2 research, publishes books and monographs, and sponsors workshops and symposia.

14th ICCRTSThe CCRP program serves as a bridge among the operational, technical, analytical, and educational communities. It focuses on emerging requirements and mission areas where new concepts are needed. Combined and coalition operations constitute one of these areas. The evolution of Mission Capability Packages (MCPs) is the CCRP's approach to transforming new and promising concepts into real operational capabilities through the judicious blending of new C2 technologies and the essential elements of all related capabilities needed to field C2 mission capabilities.

The CCRP Overview Briefing provides a detailed description of the program, including its history, events, publications, lines of research, and projected efforts for the coming years.

Download: CCRP Overview Briefing