CCRP Awards (2000-2011)

Community Contribution Awards

Berndt Brehmer Enduring Achievement Award 2010
Nigel Howard Enduring Achievement Award 2008
Reiner Huber Enduring Achievement Award 2007
James Moffat Enduring Achievement Award 2006
Alex Levis Enduring Achievement Award 2005
Tony Valletta Inspired Leadership Award 2005
Art Money Inspired Leadership Award 2005
Paul Labbé Enduring Achievement Award 2004
Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Enduring Achievement Award 2004


Symposia: Honored Hosts

Merfyn Lloyd 11th ICCRTS Contributor 2006


Symposia: Best Papers

18th ICCRTS Best Paper Award
Crowdsourced Decision Support for Emergency Responders
Kathryn Blackmond Laskey, Center of Execellence in C4I, George Mason University
17th ICCRTS Best Paper Award
The Role of Social Media in Crisis
Marco Manso, Tekever
Barbara Manso, Tekever
16th ICCRTS Best Paper Award
On Optimizing Command and Control Structures
David Scheidt, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Kevin Schultz, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
15th ICCRTS Best Paper Award
Enabling Tactical Edge Mashups with Live Objects
Daniel Freedman, Cornell University
Ken Birman, Cornell University
Krzysztof Ostrowski, Cornell University
Mark Linderman, AFRL
Robert Hillman, AFRL
Albert Frantz, AFRL
14th ICCRTS Best Paper Award
13th ICCRTS Best Paper Award
Exploring alternative Edge versus Hierarchy
C2 Organizations using the ELICIT platform
with Configurable Chat System

Ee Chong Ng, DSO National Laboratories
Peter Thunholm National Defence College, Sweden
Mervyn Cheah, Future Systems Directorate
Kin Yong Tan, Future Systems Directorate
Nency Chua, Defence Science and Technology Agency
12th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

Team Composition: Linking Individual and Team Characteristics
to Team Decision-Making and Performance

Reiner K. Huber, Universität der Bundeswehr München
Petra M. Eggenhofer, Universität der Bundeswehr München
Jens Römer, Universität der Bundeswehr München
Sebastian Schäfer, Universität der Bundeswehr München
Klaus Titze, Universität der Bundeswehr München

11th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

Network Centric Warfare and the New Command and Control:
An Australian Perspective

Celina Pascoe, DSTO
Irena Ali, DST

2006 CCRTS Best Paper Award

A Dynamic Process Model for the Design
and Assessment of Network Centric Systems

Nita Lewis Miller, Naval Postgraduate School
Lawrence G. Shattuck, Naval Postgraduate Schoo

10th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

An Operational Framework for Battle in Network Space
LCol Rob Knight, Canadian Forces Information Operations Group HQ
Dr. Mark McIntyre, Defence R&D Canada

9th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

Lessons Learned from Commercial Transformations
to Network Centric Operations

Claire Macklin, QinetiQ
Prof. Paul Phillips, Univ. of Kent
Dr. Panos Louvieris, Univ. of Surrey

2004 CCRTS Best Paper Award

Networks of Decision-Making and Communicating Agents:
A New Methodology for Design and Evaluation of Organizational Strategies and Heterarchical Structures

Georgiy M. Levchuk, Aptima, Inc.
Feili Yu, University of Connecticut
Yuri Levchuk, Aptima, Inc.
Krishna R. Pattipati, University of Connecticut

8th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

Swarm Intelligence: A New C2 Paradigm
with an Application to Control of Swarms of UAVs

Paolo Gaudiano, Icosystem Corporation
Benjamin Shargel, Icosystem Corporation
Eric Bonabeau, Icosystem Corporation
Bruce T. Clough, Air Force Research Laboratory

7th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

Small Navies and Network Centric Welfare: Is There a Role?
Dr. Paul T. Mitchell, Canadian Forces College

2002 CCRTS Best Paper Award

Modeling Support of Effects-Based Operations in War Games
Lee W. Wagenhals
Alexander H. Levis

6th ICCRTS Best Paper Award

Capacity, Collaboration, and Commonality:
A Framework for Understanding Team Learning

Alexsander Ellis, Michigan State University

2000 CCRTS Best Paper Awards

Autonomous vs. Interdependent Structures:
Impact on Unpredicted Tasks in a Simulated Joint Task Force Mission

Susan P. Hocevar

How to Win Peace Operations: Theory vs Practice
Nigel Howard


Symposia: Best Student Papers

16th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award
  A Topological Model for C2 Organizations
André Luiz Pimentel Uruguay, Instituto de Estudos Avançados
Carlos Henrique Costa Ribeiro, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica
15th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award
  Mission-Related Execution and Planning Through Quality of Service Methods
Vinod Naga, AFIT
John Colombi, AFIT
Michael Grimaila, AFIT
Kenneth Hopkinson, AFIT
14th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award
  HMM and Auction-based Formulations of ISR Coordination Mechanisms for the Expeditionary Strike Group Missions
Woosun An, University of Connecticut
Chulwoo Park, University of Connecticut
Krishna Pattipati, University of Connecticut
David Kleinman, Naval Postgraduate School
William Kemple, Naval Postgraduate School
13th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award
  Machine Interpretable Representation
of Commander's Intent

Per M. Gustavsson, Saab
Michael Hieb, George Mason University
Lars Niklasson, University of Skövde
Philip Moore, De Montfort University
Patric Eriksson, De Montfort University

12th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award


Hypothesis Testing of Edge Organizations:
Modeling the C2 Organization Design Space

James B. Gateau, Naval Postgraduate School
Tara A. Leweling, Naval Postgraduate School
John P. Looney, Naval Postgraduate School
Dr. Mark E. Nissen, Naval Postgraduate School

11th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award

Using Microworlds to Understand Cultural Influences
on Distributed Collaborative Decision Making in C2 Settings

Ida Lindgren, Linköping Institute of Technology
Kip Smith, Linköping Institute of Technology

2006 CCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award

Computational Modeling and Analysis of Networked Organizational Planning in a Coalition Maritime Strike Environment
John P. Looney, Naval Postgraduate School
Mark E. Nissen, Naval Postgraduate School

10th ICCRTS Willard S. Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award

Knowledge as Inventory: Near-Optimizing Knowledge and Power Flows
in Edge Organizations (Phase One)

Douglas J. MacKinnon, Stanford University
Dr. Raymond E. Levitt, Stanford University
Dr. Mark E. Nissen, Naval Postgraduate School

9th ICCRTS Gary F. Wheatley Best Student Paper Award

Operational Trust: A New Look at the Human Requirement
in Network Centric Warfare

Maj. Nicole Blatt, USAF, Naval Postgraduate School

2004 CCRTS Gary F. Wheatley Best Student Paper Award

An Approximation Technique for Belief Revision in Timed Influence Nets
Sajjad Haider, George Mason University
Alexander H. Levis, George Mason University

8th ICCRTS Best Student Paper Award

Congruence of Human Organizations and Missions: Theory versus Data
Georgiy M. Levchuk, Aptima Inc.
David L. Kleinman, Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
Sui Ruan, Graduate Student, ECE Dept., UCONN
Krishna R. Pattipati, Professor, ECE Dept., UCONN

7th ICCRTS Best Student Paper Award

A Centripetal Acceleration Statistic
for Tracking Maneuvering Targets with Radar

Mr. David Bizup, University of Virginia

2002 CCRTS Best Student Paper Award

Mapping Flows onto Networks to Optimize Organizational Processes
Georgiy M. Levchuk
Yuri Levchuk
Krishna R. Pattipati
David L. Kleinman

6th ICCRTS Best Student Paper Award

Using Multiple Collaborative Agents
for Adaptive Quality of Service Management in C4ISR Networks

LT Raymond Rivera, USN

2000 CCRTS Best Student Paper Award

Performance Prediction of a Network-Centric Warfare System
Insub Shin
Alexander H. Levis