We would like to welcome you to this year’s International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium. Our community currently faces an existential challenge. This challenge is no less than a re-conceptualization of command and control in light of the profound changes that have occurred in the nature of the endeavors that our military and civilian institutions are being called upon to undertake in the 21st century. Even the term Command and Control has become problematic.

The theme of this year’s symposium, “Collective C2 in Multinational Civil-Military Operations,” appropriately assumes that our Community needs to adapt to the situations and circumstances faced in this century, and that a failure to adapt our thinking, our language, and our products will adversely affect the ability of our organizations to accomplish the missions that they undertake.

This year’s plenary presentations have been selected to provide a sampling of efforts to explore new ideas, concepts, and approaches. The papers in the Track Sessions continue to represent a wide variety of C2-related subjects and perspectives offering an in-depth snapshot of where we are in our thinking and exploration. We continue to ratchet up the standards by which we judge the papers that are submitted. Our track chairs are being asked to help authors improve their papers as well as mentor younger and less experienced authors.

We hope that you enjoy this year’s symposium and plan to attend future events. Please watch for updated information regarding these events and to access CCRP research materials.

Dr. David S. Alberts
Director of Research, OASD (NII)-DoD CIO