Plenary Presentations

Plenary Presentation – C2 Challenges and a Way Ahead

Mr. Ronald W. Pontius, Director, C2 Programs and Policy, OASD (NII)

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Plenary Presentation – Measuring Agility

Dr. David S. Alberts, Director, Research OASD (NII)-DoD CIO

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Plenary Presentation – Information Sharing in Complex Endeavors

Mr. Roy A. Johnson, Director, Integrated ICT Support, OASD (NII)-DoD CIO
Mr. Gerard J. Christman, Program Manager and Senior Systems Engineer, Femme Comp Inc. (FCI)

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15th ICCRTS Gary F. Wheatley Best Paper Presentation
Software Infrastructure for Tactical Edge Mashups of the Future

Dr. Daniel A. Freedman, Cornell University, Department of Computer Science

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