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Command and Control Bibliography

The Coalition Command and Control Bibliography Project was developed to provide a framework in which materials addressing the unique aspects of coalition command and control could be organized in a functional manner. The citations contained in the bibliography encompass a body of knowledge that includes existing practices, processes for establishing relationships, lists of relevant agencies, lessons learned, and concepts related to coalition command and control. This bibliography serves to facilitate the processing of information, the identification of common threads, and the development of useful coalition command and control principles. The bibliography has been divided into the following sections:

  1. Command and Control Classics
  2. Evaluation
  3. General Command and Control
  4. Intelligence Support
  5. Interfaces/Interoperability
  1. Network Centric Warfare
  2. Peacekeeping and other OOTW
  3. Specific Operations
  4. Warfighting
  5. Workshops and Symposia