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Edge Organizations

Power to the Edge (2003) bluntly stated that existing approaches to command and control, organization, and doctrine were not up to the task at hand and that a new approach, based upon power to the edge principles, was needed. The book introduced the idea of "edge organizations" with properties of, among other things, emergent leadership.

The two pieces posted here (one on the nature of leadership in edge organizations, the other on the human nature and social networks) were written by Dr. John Clippinger to serve as chapters in a book on edge organizations. Readers should be cognizant of the fact that these 'chapters' have been taken out of context. However, we believe that the ideas they articulate can stand alone for they represent two sets of hypotheses about edge organizations.





This report summarizes the insights and recommendations of a symposium on sensemaking, sponsored by the Command and Control Research Program (CCRP) of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence, and held in Vienna, Virginia, on 23-25 October 2001.