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In order to capture some of the key coalition experiences and lessons from Kosovo, ASD (C3I) Command and Control Research Program (CCRP) launched a two-phase research initiative (a "quick look" Phase I followed by a longer term Phase II focused research effort) to put a "Lessons from Kosovo" story together. This effort was similar to the one done by CCRP for Bosnia and the IFOR operation. The story was intended for use by the US Professional Military Education Program and to inform and educate the US and International C4ISR community in general.

The primary objective of the CCRP-led Kosovo research effort was to document C2 and C4ISR experiences and lessons related to the conflict. The research addressed the NATO air operation Allied Force, Albania Force (AFOR), and NATO Operation Allied Harbour and US Task Force Shining Hope Humanitarian Assistance activities in Albania and Macedonia.


Lessons from Kosovo [4.6M]
(Wentz, 2002) (PDF requires Adobe Reader)