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Day 1: Welcome: The Future of Command…Control…
Dr. David S. Alberts, Director of Research
  Keynote Address Network Centric Operations: Foundation for Future C2
Lieutenant General Carl G. O'Berry, USAF (Ret.), Vice President, Network Centric Architectures,
Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
  Plenary Address
Brian Fila, Director, Contingency Support and Migration Planning
  Distinguished Speaker Address Networks and Information Integration Vision
Dr. Linton Wells II
Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, Networks and Information Integration DoD Chief Information Officer
Day 2: Panel Discussion: C2 Policy: (1) (2)
The transformation of DoD will require updated policies and governance processes to manage this evolution successfully. New policies will need to address vertical and horizontal integrations, allow for increasing levels of collaboration, enhance the numerous support roles throughout the organization, and provide agility to the warfighter.
  Panel Discussion: Experimentation:(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Experimentation, especially defense experimentation, consists in activities for better developing future defense capabilities from concepts to operations using experiments to better unveil the root causes of effects. Experimentation campaigns are relevant to all research areas of the ICCRTS. They combine the value of all three scientific methods of knowledge generation: studies, observations, and experiments.
Day 3: Plenary Address
Donald Diggs, Director, C2 Policy
  Plenary Presentation of 9th ICCRTS Best Paper: Lessons Learned from Commercial Transformations to Network Centric Operations
Keith G. Stewart
QinetiQ Ltd
Day 4: Plenary Address: The Agile Organization Commander
Simon Reay Atkinson, Team Leader, Acquisition for NEC (AfNEC) Littoral Command Battlespace Management Team
Royal Navy
  Enduring Achievement Award and Best Paper Presentations (Willard S.Vaughan, Jr. Best Student Paper Award and Gary F. Wheatley Best Paper Award)
Dr. David S. Alberts, Director of Research
  Plenary Presentation of 2004 CCRTS Best Paper Networks of Decision-Making and Communicating Agents: A New Methodology for Design and Evaluation of Organizational Strategies and Heterarchical Structures
Dr. Georgiy M. Levchuk
Aptima, Inc.