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Lessons Learned

Track Chair: Tim Lewingdon
Co-Chair: Major General John H. Admire, USMC (Ret.)

Net Centric Maritime Warfare – Countering a ‘Swarm’ of Fast Inshore Attack Craft 053
  David Galligan - Defence Technology Agency
George Galdorisi - SPAWAR Systems Center
Peter Marland -Defence and Science Technology Laboratory
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Challenges of Future Battle Command Experimentation: An Analyst’s Perspective 055
  Craig T. Doescher - The MITRE Corporation
LTC Brian K. Hobson - TRADOC Analysis Center
Dr. Frank T. Myers II - Depth & Simultaneous Attack Battle Laboratory
  paper | presentation

Colombian Armed Forces Restructuring Process 059
  Fernando La Rotta - STRATA
Alvaro Chaves - STRATA
  paper | presentation

Foundations for U.S.-Coalition Partner Operations in a Network-Enabled Environment: Lessons Learned 067
  John W. Smith, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Retired) - Institute for Defense Analyses
Martin R. Stytz, Ph.D. - Institute for Defense Analyses
Gregory N. Larsen, Ph.D. - Institute for Defense Analyses

Lessons Learned from Operation AL FAJR: the Liberation of Fallujah 076
  Colonel John R. Ballard, PhD - 4th Civil Affairs Group

Spectrum Management In The Acquisition Of Equipment 104
  A.Lewingdon - Dstl
J.Douglas - Dstl
P.Howland - Dstl
  paper | presentation

Sub-Regional Pre-Emptive Mechanism For Conflict Resolution: Lessons From Liberia (1990-2000) 130
  LT Col M Mohammed - Armed Forces Command And Staff College Nigeria
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Command and Control (C2) Experimentation for Combat Service Support 164
  Maj Chooi Ker Min - Singapore Armed Forces Ministry of Defense
Mr Lai Ying Cheung - Defence Science & Technology Agency
Mr Joshua Lee - Defence Science & Technology Agency
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Lessons Learnt for Networked Enabled Capability 231
  Lt Col Merfyn Lloyd OBE - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Geoff Markham - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Claire Wright - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Jason Cox - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
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