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Track Chair: Dr. Raymond J. Curts
Co-Chair: Dr. Douglas E. Campbell

Poly-Discipline Command and Transactional Command Authorities 001
  Mr. Samuel R. Oppelaar Jr. - CollaborX, Incorporated
  paper | presentation

Enterprise Dynamic Access Control (EDAC) 002
  Richard Fernandez - SSC San Diego
  paper | presentation

Implementing Network-Centric Command And Control 004
  Raymond J. Curts, PhD - CommIT Enterprises, Inc.
Joseph P. Frizzell, PhD - ASD(NII) C2 Policy Directorate
  paper | presentation

The Challenge of Moving from Performance Based Logistics to an Operational Logistics Framework 011
  Russell E. Bryant - Program Executive Office (Integrated Warfare Systems
  paper | presentation

Are DoD Network Centric Policies, Processes and Edge Organizations Sufficiently Adaptable to Adequately Respond to The Impact of Globalization? 028
  Jack Lenahan - Space and NAVAL Warfare Systems Command
  paper | presentation

Towards a Science of Command and Control (C2) 033
  David H Cropley - University of South Australia
  paper | presentation

Implementing Edge Organizations: Exploiting Complexity (Part 1: A Framework for the Characterization of Edge Organizations and their Environments) 107
  Anthony Alston - QinetiQ Ltd
Patrick Beautement - QinetiQ Ltd,
Lorraine Dodd - QinetiQ Ltd,
  paper | presentation

Extending the NEC Concept 108
  Anthony Alston - QinetiQ

Controlling Edge Organizations: Exploiting Emergence 115
  Patrick Beautement - QinetiQ Ltd
  paper | presentation

Managing Dynamic Collaborative Action Teams In a Net-Centric Environment 119
  Christine. O. Salamacha - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
N. Ray Briscoe - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Steven L. Forsythe, Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  paper | presentation

Establishing a Community of Interest (COI) for Global Force Management 151
  Sam Chamberlain, Ph.D - U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Mike Boller - Science Applications International Corporation
George Sprung - The Joint Staff / J-8 / MASO
Victor Badami, LTC, USA - The Joint Staff / J-8 / MASO
  paper | presentation

Network and Data Policy Considerations for Effective Network Centric Operations 152
  J. Katharine Burton - Institute for Defense Analyses
Martin R. Stytz, Ph.D. - Institute for Defense Analyses
Gregory N. Larsen, Ph.D. - Institute for Defense Analyses
  paper | presentation

Integration: Why Do It? What Does It Mean? 154
  Simon Ng - DSTO Melbourne
Daniel Hall - DSTO Melbourne
Ruth Gani - DSTO Melbourne
Thea Clark - DSTO Melbourne
  paper | presentation

C2 Policy Evolution at the U.S. Department of Defense WWMCCS to a Unified Military Command Capability 177
  David Dick - National Security Research, Inc.
John D. Comerford - National Security Research, Inc.
  paper | presentation

Functional Impacts of Network-Centric Operations on Future C2 188
  Lorraine Dodd - QinetiQ
Lt Col Merfyn Lloyd - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory [Dstl]
Geoff Markham - QinetiQ
  paper | presentation

Building An Ontology For Command & Control 189
  Raymond J. Curts, Ph.D., (CDR, USN Ret.) - CommIT Enterprises, Inc.
Douglas E. Campbell, Ph.D., (LCDR, USNR-R, Ret.) - Syneca Research Group, Inc.
  paper | presentation

Policy Challenges in the Development of Integrated Network Enabled Operations in Canada 193
  Mr. Sandy Babcock - National Defence Headquarters
  paper | presentation

Application of Agency Theory to Transform Government Business Enterprise Governance 230
  Michael D. Nueslein - The MITRE Corporation
  paper | presentation

Delivering Network Enabled Capability A Capability Architecture for 2020 232
  Lt Col Merfyn Lloyd OBE - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Geoff Markham - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Lorraine Dodd - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Mike Suanders - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  paper | presentation

Command and Control Information Management Strategy (CIMS) provided by an Information Integration Framework 300
  Juan A. Odenwood - Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
  paper | presentation

Capabilities-Based Planning: A Methodology for Deciphering Commanderís Intent 319
  Peter Kossakowski - Evidence Based Research, Inc.
  paper | presentation

Net-Centric Information Management 348
  Dr. Scott Renner - The MITRE Corporation
  paper | presentation

Policy-Based Command & Control 360
  Jay Bayne, PhD - Echelon 4 Corporation
Raymond Paul, PhD - Department of Defense
  paper | presentation