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Coalition Interoperability

Track Chair: Dr. Dirk R. Klose
Co-Chair: Dr. Alianna J. Maren

A NATO Perspective on CENTRIXS 007
  RL Parker - NATO
  paper | presentation

Approaching Transformational Coalition Operations along the Standardization, Interoperability and Integration (SI2) Continuum 024
  LCdr D.P. Finch - Director General Joint Force Development

Identifying and Addressing Issues in Coalition Network Centric Operations Using Distributed Simulation 039
  Martin R. Stytz, Ph.D. - Institute for Defense Analyses, Calculated Insight
Sheila B. Banks, Ph.D. - Calculated Insight
  paper | presentation

Enabling Coalition Operations with a New Standard for Group Security and Key Management 081
  Hugh Harney - SPARTA, Inc.
Rod Fleischer - SPARTA, Inc.
  paper | presentation

Common Operating Picture enabling Coalition Interoperability 084
  Major General Ret. John Barry - SAP Labs
David Lincourt - SAP Labs
Hans Peukert - SAP Labs
Mark Lane - SAP Labs
  paper | presentation

The Challenges Associated with Achieving Interoperability in Support of Net- Centric Operations 093
  Dr. Stuart H. Starr - Barcroft Research Institute
  paper | presentation

Observations on the Dissemination of ISR Data Employing Network-Enabled Capabilities in the Coalition Environment 129
  John Mahaffey - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency, The Hague
Trond Skaar - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency, The Hague

Providing Enterprise Information Services for Multinational Interoperability - The EIM Approach 144
  Raj Tewari - Unisys Corporation
George Cross - Unisys Corporation

An Organisational Interoperability Agility Model 158
  Gina Kingston - DSTO Fern Hill
Suzanne Fewell - DSTO Fern Hill
Warren Richer - DSTO Fern Hill
  paper | presentation

Integration of the MIP Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model into National Systems 162
  Dr. Michael Schmitt - FGAN/FKIE
  paper | presentation

Semantic Interoperability and its Verification & Validation in C2 Systems 200
  W. T. Tsai, R. Paul - OSD NII, Department of Defense
Hai Huang - Arizona State University
Bingnan Xiao - Arizona State University
Yinong Chen - Arizona State University
  paper | presentation

Multi-National Information Sharing: Cross Domain Collaborative Information Environment (CDCIE) Solution 212
  Mr. Boyd Fletcher - United States Joint Forces Command Joint Futures Lab
Mr. Dana Hare - United States Joint Forces Command Joint Futures Lab
  paper | presentation

Theater Implementation of an Open Source, Open Standards Collaboration Environment 213
  MAJ Edward McLarney - United States Joint Forces Command Joint Futures Lab
Mr. Boyd Fletcher - United States Joint Forces Command Joint Futures Lab
Alyson Miller - United States Joint Forces Command Joint Futures Lab

Leader and Team Adaptability in Multinational Coalitions (LTAMC): An International Research Project 228
  Janet L. Sutton, Ph.D. - Army Research Laboratory
Victor (Van) Edelmann - NATO HQ SACT

Towards a Formal Ontology for Military Coalitions Operations 239
  Eric Dorion - Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier
Christopher J. Matheus - Versatile Information Systems, Inc.
Mieczyslaw M. Kokar - Northeastern University

Integrating Cultural Factors in Military Modeling and Simulation: Anecdotal Literature Review and a Framework for Application 242
  Celestine A. Ntuen - North Carolina A&T State University
Rik Warren - AFRL/HECS
1st Lt Amy Turner - AFRL/HECS

Developing a Coalition Battle Management Language to facilitate Interoperability between Operation CIS and Simulations in support of Training and Mission Rehearsal 249
  Andreas Tolk - Old Dominion University
Michael Hieb, PhD - Alion Science &Technology
Kevin Galvin, MSc - Ministry of Defence, UK
Lionel Khimeche - Délégation Générale pour l’Armement
Mark Pullen - George Mason University

A Reference Model for Information Management to Support Coalition Information Sharing Needs 274
  Mark Linderman - Air Force Research Laboratory
Sue Haines - DSTL Information Management
Barry Siegel - SPAWAR Systems Center
Greg Chase - Defence Science and Technology Organisation
David Ouellet - Defence Research and Development Canada - Valcartier
Janet O’May - U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Julie Brichacek - Air Force Research Laboratory

Non-Technical Interoperability: The Challenge of Command Leadership In Multinational Operations 298
  Keith G Stewart - QinetiQ Ltd
D. Cremin - QinetiQ Ltd
M. Mills - QinetiQ Ltd
D. Phipps - QinetiQ Ltd

Resolving the Problem of Aligning Communities of Interest, Data Format Differences, Orthogonal Sensor Views, Intermittency, and Security – DoD Homeland Security Command and Control Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration 312
  Harry R. Haury - NuParadigm Government Systems

Operation of Multiple Link 16 Terminals Connected To A Single Host 350
  Kenneth D. Bradley - Thales Raytheon Systems

The Impact of SOA Policy-Based Computing on C2 Interoperation and Computing 353
  Raymond Paul - OSD NII Department of Defense
W. T. Tsai - Arizona State University
Jay Bayne - Echelon 4 Corporation
  paper | presentation