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Effects Based Operations

Track Chair: Lieutenant Colonel Merfyn A. Lloyd
Co-Chair: Dr. William G. Kemple

Management and Introduction of Technology – An OSD Office of Technology Transition Perspective For Effects Based Support in the New Security Environment 009
  Russell E. Bryant - Program Executive Office (Integrated Warfare Systems)
  paper | presentation

Network Based Defence Logic - From an Innovation Point of View - 014
  Dr. Roland Heickerö - Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Defence Planning and Effects-based Operations 106
  Julian Starkey - Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre, UK MOD
  paper | presentation

Effects-Based Designing Organizational Processes: Methodology and Applications 127
  Dong-sheng Yang - National University of Defense Technology, China
Bao-xin Xiu - National University of Defense Technology, China
Xiao-Hong Peng - National University of Defense Technology, China
Zhong Liu - National University of Defense Technology, China
Wei-ming Zhang - National University of Defense Technology, China

Planning and Assessing Effects Based Operations (EBO) 128
  Brent L. Goodwin - SPARTA, Inc.
Laura Lee - SPARTA, Inc.
  paper | presentation

Discovering the Effects-Endstate Linkage: Using Soft Systems Methodology to Perform EBO Mission Analysis 202
  Major William E. Young, Jr - USAF Air Command and Staff College
  paper | presentation

CyberCraft: Concept Linking NCW Principles with the Cyber Domain in an Urban Operational Environment 234
  Dr. Paul W. Phister, Jr. - AF Research Laboratory
  paper | presentation

Complexity, Networking, and Effects-Based Operations: Approaching the "how to" of EBO 252
  Dr. Edward A. Smith, Jr. - The Boeing Company
  paper | presentation

Network-Centric Strategic-Level Deception 254
  Philip B Erdie - Marine Corps Systems Command
James B. Michael - Naval Postgraduate School
  paper | presentation

A C2 system for ‘Winning hearts and minds’: tools for Confrontation and Collaboration Analysis 361
  Mary Crannell - dramatec
Nigel Howard - Idea Sciences
Major General George W. 'Nordie' Norwood (USAF, retired) - Idea Sciences