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Assessment, Tools, and Metrics

Track Chair: Lynda Sharp
Co-Chair: Dr. James W. Myers

The Impact of Network Centric Operations on Warfighter Effectiveness: A Study Using Agent-Based Models 029
  Dr. Isaac Porche - RAND
Mr. Brad Wilson - RAND
Dr. Susan Witty - RAND
  paper | presentation

Theory of Network Architectures: Efficiency, Vulnerability and Robustness 030
  Dr. Susan Witty - RAND
Dr. Isaac Porche - RAND
  paper | presentation

Evaluating a Swedish Airborne Combat Capability using Computer Supported Morphological Analysis 031
  Tom Ritchey - Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
Carin Kaunitz - Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
  paper | presentation

Information Security Valuations: Definitions, Structure and Properties 088
  Michael E J Stubbings - QinetiQ
  paper | presentation

A Methodology for Analyzing Complex Military Command and Control (C2) Networks 099
  David A. Jarvis - Alidade Incorporated
  paper | presentation

A Measurement and Monitoring System for Tracking and Visualizing Collaboration Metrics in Real-time and for Later Analysis 102
  Peter R. Bono, Ph.D. - Peter R. Bono Associates, Inc.
George S. Carson, Ph.D. - GSC Associates
  paper | presentation

Using assessment Methods and Tools to Understand Joint Battlespace Digitization 109
  N. M. Al-Duwaish - Cranfield University
Prof. P. John - Cranfield University
  paper | presentation

A Systems Engineering Approach to Metrics Identification for Command and Control 116
  Robb Wilcox, Ph.D., P.E. - The Johns Hopkins University

Information Age Assessment Applied to Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection 120
  Thomas H. Augustine - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
  paper | presentation

NCW End-To-End (NETE) Model For Future C2 Architecture Assessments 141
  Jim Walsh - SPARTA, Inc.
Jeff Roberts - SPARTA, Inc.
Wayne Thompson - SPARTA, Inc.
  paper | presentation

Enterprise Architecture: A Framework for C2 Metrics 153
  Jan Popkin - SVP, Telelogic
  paper | presentation

Dynamic Influence Nets: An Extension of Timed Influence Nets for Modeling Dynamic Uncertain Situations 160
  Sajjad Haider - George Mason University
Alexander H. Levis - George Mason University
  paper | presentation

Towards Quantifying the Benefits of NEC 167
  Georgia Court - Dstl/UK MOD
Alison Parr - QinetiQ
  paper | presentation

Enhanced Situation Awareness using Random Particles 185
  Joel Brynielsson - Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Mattias Engblom - Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
Robert Franzen - Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
Jonas Nordh - Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
Lennart Voigt - Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
  paper | presentation

Time-Sensitive Planning Using Point-Interval Logic 192
  Mashhood Ishaque - George Mason University
Abbas K. Zaidi - George Mason University
  paper | presentation

On Finding Effective Courses of Action in a Complex Situation Using Evolutionary Algorithms 248
  Sajjad Haider - George Mason University
Alexander H. Levis - George Mason University

Time Sensitive/Dynamic Targeting Analysis Techniques and Results 263

Aaron Newman - SRA International, Inc.
Steve Sokoly - SRA International, Inc.
Kevin Kennedy - SRA International, Inc.
Bobby Knight - SRA International, Inc.
Oliver Sadorra - SRA International, Inc.
Mike Baker - SRA International, Inc.
Ian Brown - SRA International, Inc.
Sharon Bemmerzouk - SRA International, Inc.
Kyle Ernest - SRA International, Inc.
Robin Leonard - SRA International, Inc.
William J. Sullivan IV - SRA International, Inc.


Effects of Functional Allocations and Associated Communications on C2ISR Mission Effectiveness 264
  Ronald S. Carson, Ph.D. - The Boeing Company
Paul D. Kennedy - The Boeing Company
Mande C. Butler - The Boeing Company
Trevor Crowe - The Boeing Company
Peter C. Eriksen - The Boeing Company
Adrienne P. Miller - The Boeing Company
Steven E. Saylor, ATF - The Boeing Company
Sabrina Morris - The Boeing Company
H. Lynn Scheurman - The Boeing Company
  paper | presentation

WESTT (Workload, Error, Situational Awareness, Time and Teamwork): An analytical prototyping software tool for C2 269
  Robert J. Houghton - The University of Birmingham
Chris Baber - The University of Birmingham
Mal Cowton - Aerosystems International
  paper | presentation

Applying the NCW Conceptual Framework to FORCEnet: A Case Study 337
  Mr. Edgar Bates - Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
Dr. Michael Bell - Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
  paper | presentation

Integrated Architecture-Based Portfolio Investment Strategies 343
  Steven J. Ring - The MITRE Corporation
Dr. Bruce Lamar - The MITRE Corporation
Jacob Heim - The MITRE Corporation
Elaine Goyette - The MITRE Corporation
  paper | presentation

The Dynamic OODA Loop: Amalgamating Boyd’s OODA Loop and the Cybernetic Approach to Command and Control 365
  Berndt Brehmer - Swedish National Defence College
  paper | presentation

STRAW - An Integrated Mobility and Traffic Model for VANETs 369
  David R. Choffnes - Northwestern University
Fabiàn E. Bustamante - Northwestern University
  paper | presentation